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Selected images on my pages are available for sale in print form. Prints are available in sizes of 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 or 8x12 (depending on the individual image). Prints are custom made by locating the original negative, scanning at high resolution (up to 4000 dpi optical), and processing to remove any dust, defects, etc. The file is then sent to the lab for printing. All images are printed on high quality photo paper (they are NOT printed on a home printer). If you are insterested in a particular shot, note the filename and e-mail me and I can tell you if it is one that will be suitable for a quality print! Only the best quality images are available in print form, and only in sizes where the quality remains high.


Prices for prints are as follows (shipping is extra, see below):

Shipping: Shipping and handling: Typically $4.00 per order (Priority mail within the US). Large orders that weigh significantly more will require additional shipping. Please e-mail me for large orders or for shipping rates to other countries.

Payment must be made in US dollars. Cash, Money Order (bank or Postal), or checks are accepted (cash is not particularly recommended). I also take Paypal payments (username astroman@cshore.com). Please do not send payment without first confirming with me).

Shipments will take approximately 2-3 weeks from the time I receive your order. Prints are made up on an "as needed" basis, it usually takes one week for me to receive the prints from the lab. In some cases shipment will be immediate.

Quantity Discounts: If you want a large quantity of prints (mixed is OK), please e-mail me for prices. I may be able to swing a deal with the lab for quantity orders.

Why are the prices so high?

A legitimate question... most people know that a 4x6 reprint can be made (from a negative) for under $1.00 at most any photo outlet. However, the cost of my photos is not based solely on the simple act of making a reprint... the higher cost comes in because of the effort involved to obtain quality astrophotos!

As described on my other pages, astrophotography is a highly specialized and challenging field. The equipment required for good deep sky shots costs many thousands of dollars. In addition, learning how to use the equipment in a manner that produces good results can take years of time. Very often, a 36 exposure roll of film will yield only a half dozen decent shots, and only one or two that are truly "good". Sometimes none of the shots come out well due to any number of reasons! Getting good astrophotos is far more involved that just "snapping" an image. To get good images, one has to load up a van full of equipment, drive for hours to get away from ever increasing light pollution, set up and align the scope, hope that the weather holds, and take the shots (long exposures tediously guided by hand). Then, the film has to be processed, the images scanned and processed digitally to make up the final image file. Then, the images have to be printed on photo paper for the final result. With this in mind, the prices above are actually very reasonable!

My reasons for offering selected prints for sale is not to "get rich" (I seriously doubt that there is sufficient market to achieve this). My goal is to earn some extra money so that I can improve my equipment and further my activities in this area. In the summer of 1997, I sold about $700.00 worth of Hale Bopp photos at a booth in a local town fair. However, after deducting all the set up costs, my net profit was almost nothing! However, I had a great time doing this, I met a lot of people and helped bring awareness to amateur astronomy. This alone made the whole activity well worth the time!

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