Updated 27 December 2005

Tractors and Equipment

The 1968 Power King tractor and Farmer Joe with the 1949 Farmall "M" Tractor.

Filling a hole with dirt using a Power King tractor after removing a rock from the lawn.

The Farmall M sits outside the shed.

The Farmall M with the newly restored Massey-Ferguson backhoe installed. At front is a 500 pound counterweight (later increased to 900 pounds). The counterweight is necessary to offset the 2000 pound weight of the backhoe.

The Farmall M and Massey-Ferguson backhoe in action ripping out some unwanted rocks.

Splitting wood in preparation for winter.

Clearing snow around the woodpile after a storm.

Preparing the lower field for planting with the Power King tractor and rototiller attachment.

Clearing an overgrown field with the Farmall M and a Bush Hog.

a 1992 Yanmar B37 Mini Excavator (8000 pounds).

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