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a.k.a. Joe Roberts

You can contact me at the address shown in the image below:

my e-mail address is only available as an image, this is to foil the BOTS; you'll have to manually type it into your e-mail program.  See more below.


  1. Why do I have my e-mail address listed like this? It is to try and foil robot programs that roam the Internet for the sole purpose of harvesting e-mail addresses from web sites. The addresses they gather are later sold to outfits who then use them to clog the internet with ads for fraudulaent and often worthless products. If you are like me, you are ill and fatigued at getting daily doses of e-mail advertisements from scam artists. The tactic I use (presenting e-mail address in the form of an image) does help reduce the amount of junk I get. I am sorry if this presents an inconvenience, however the spammers are to thank for this.
  2. I try to answer e-mail as soon as possible. However, please realize that I have about 1/2 million visitors to my sites in a typical year, and with about 0.5% of visitors writing it means a LOT of e-mail to answer. As a kid I used to wonder what it might be like to be a celebrity and get so much fan mail that it could not possibly be read... I now have a flavor for what that must be like! So, I do the best I can with responding. Sometimes I am very busy with work and other tasks and I may not be able to get to e-mail for a few days. Sometimes I am out of the country and have no access to a computer.
  3. Sometimes I respond to e-mail and get an "undeliverable mail" notice back. Make sure your return e-mail address is correct! If you never hear back from me after several tries, it is very likely due to a bad return address.
  4. It's OK to send attachments (photos, etc) if you like. I check everything before downloading it. Every once in a while a legitimate e-mail ends up in my spam folder... I do check it from time to time but if you do not hear back from me try again (your e-mail may be one I missed).

Thanks! Joe Roberts