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The "official" Hampden-Wilbraham school web site

Contains info for all the schools in the Hampden-Wilbraham school district. There does not appear to be too much info on alumni, but there is some interesting content that will give you an idea of what Minnechaug is like today.

There appears to be no other significant Minnechaug pages on the web at the time of writing (at least none I can locate). There is the site, which does contain e-mail addresses for about 1600 (total of all classes ever to attend Minnechaug) e-mail addresses. However, unless you pay the annual $30 fee the amount of things you can do is limited. Is it worth it? That depends... if you are mainly interested in contacting class of 1978 members, the site you are now looking at has about as many Class of 1978 people listed as In addition, the site you are now looking at has far more content dedicated to the Class of 1978, and best of all it is totally free!. site is an interesting site to visit and has listings for many alumni. $30 per year is not a lot of money these days, so if you join up and find it not to your liking it is not a big loss. I have located a number of "long lost" friends using it, so to me it was worth the $30.

Radio WHYN 560

I came across this site around 1999... it contains a gold mine of vintage WHYN information. Things like old jingles, air checks, photos of WHYN jocks, etc. If you loved listening to WHYN as a kid, you will LOVE this site. And, the site is run by a member of our class, Chris Tracy! Highly recommended!

Scott Taylor's Minnechaug Site

Scott is from the Class of 1971 and hosts another great Minnechaug page! A great place to visit if you were at "Chaug in the late 60's or early 70's!

Wacky Packages

Were you among the millions of kids who collected "Wacky Packages" in the mid 1970s? If so, you'll want to check this amazing site out... it will bring back some very comical memories! If you forgot what Wacky Packages are (were), see the images below for a quick recall.

Ariel view of Minnechaug

This was obtained from the Terra Server Page. You can get ariel views of most any place in the US with this site!

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