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Any position I consider must:

I am not currently seeking new employment, however I would consider outstanding opportunities. Approximate salary required: $225k +/- (depending on benefits).


BSEE Western New England College, Springfield, MA, 1983

Short Courses:


Work Experience:

Naval Undersea Warfare Center:

AN/SQQ-89(V)14 Chief Engineer:

Responsible for oversight of activities associated with one of the Navy's most advanced sonar systems. Involved with COTS upgrades, system problem investigations, and ship (at sea) support. Also involved with generating test plans, procedures and performing data analysis and preparing detailed test reports.

AN/SQQ-89(V)14 Maintenance Course Developer/Instructor:

Developed approximately 1/3 of the lesson material for both classroom and laboratory portions of an intensive 12 week course focusing on maintenance of the AN/SQQ-89(V)14 system. Taught the pilot course to US Navy personnel and served as lab instructor for subsequent courses.

AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Sonar System Lead Hardware Engineer:

Previously served as a member of the ASFS team on the AN/SQQ-89(V)15 program. Tasks included reviewing test plans, procedures and test results (to ultimately verify that the contractor's design met the design requirements.

Passive Subsystem Modernization Program Hardware Engineer:

Previously supported the development of a newly developed COTS based signal conditioning/beamforming unit. Used MATLAB extensively to perform FFT and time domain analysis on acquired data from the active signal subsystem. Scrutinized test data for compliance with system requirements (noise floor, gain/phase response, harmonic content, etc.). Quickly earned the technical respect of a very highly qualified team while working on site for a several week period.

General Experience:

Computer Experience:

Good working knowledge of PC based systems. Experience with DOS, Windows, MATLAB, Microcap, BASIC, Autocad, HTML, and PhotoShop. Some knowledge of and/or experience with UNIX, C, FORTRAN, and assembly language programming (8085 and 68000). Creator/maintainer of several significantly extensive web sites.


Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport Division

New London CT/Newport RI 1983 to present

Extracurricular Activities:


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