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Welcome to Joe Roberts Astrophotography! On this site you will find amateur astrophotos which I have taken over the period 1974 to present. Unlike many similar sites, within are images that are typical of beginner results (in addition to some decent images of course!). Such images will help to give those who are contemplating astrophotography as a hobby some idea of what to expect at first. Astrophotography is a very challenging and demanding field! However, technology has made astrophotography easier than it has ever been. Improved films, CCD cameras, and digital image processing now allow an amateur to take photos that rival those taken by large observatory telescopes 20 to 30 years ago. Use the menu buttons below to further explore!

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Technical articles I wrote regarding astrophotography and related topics.

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CCD images I have taken with a Meade Pictor 216XT entry level camera.

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