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Welcome to the Amateur Astronomer's Notebook! This site is the result my 38+ year interest in astronomy. Within this site you will find information on a wide variety of topics that may be of interest to both casual star watchers as well as experienced amateurs. Below is a list of topics available for your inspection. I hope you find this site interesting and useful especially if your nights out include Florida Holidays with family and friends!! This page is also available in Romanian language.


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That's how the Amateur Astronomer's Notebook looks today. Thanks for stopping in. If you'd like to drop us a note, please e-mail me!

A classic Celestron 14 Telescope; this image  is a photoshop composite of two seperate photos, it would not be that easy to get a real photo like this in one shot!

A clear night, a great scope and dark skies... Let's Observe!

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